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Subclinical Injury Detection

Modern diagnostic capacity in human occupational or sports science health suffers the same limitations in Veterinary fields. Ultrasound, CT, X-Ray and MRI have differing limitations in sub-acute, acute and chronic condition monitoring.  Our aim is to shift the paradigm when a practitioner can make a diagnosis and order appropriate treatment to more effectively protect tendon, ligaments and joints from changes that lead to injury or disease.


The Equine Athlete's occupational hazards condenses the longevity studies required to detect and monitor joint and tissue changes that lead to acute and catastrophic repetitive-use injuries.  As well as the onset of osteoarthritis and the changes that occur in and around a joint.

Our body worn garments were designed to affect the body's response to ground strike forces and support the peripheral vascular system. Reduced weight and non-allergenic, we offer breathability and reduced bulk without compromise to support to overcome the inherent textile risks to the fragile tissues of the distal limbs.  Thus, embedded, constrained or applied sensors could be safely added without adding the limb strain found in other investigational/research systems.


Our approach to injury or lameness detection is unlike other diagnostic systems. Our trade secrets and know-how extends through decades of experience in acute treatment, recovery and the resulting orthopeadic disease management .  Our biometric monitoring  systems in development extends to monitoring vital systems to capture and monitor co-morbid conditions.  Our applied research addresses the real-world application of scientific principles to investigate needs that can not be replicated using bench science. 


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