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MDC Research

Mighty Doc Chiron , shown here at 2 years old after a successful survive-ability case study.  Originally recommended for euthanasia due to bilateral hind limb injuries -  evidenced based nursing practice and translational research lead to successful wound closure. A repurposed cell phone was used to create the first mobile safety and activity and health monitoring applications.  Hanger Clinic of Oregon worked with his owner to fabricate the necessary sports medicine boots, wraps and bandages from our now patented family of materials.  


Chiron's rehabilitation program also required several innovations to support the previously injured tendon and ligaments.  It raised questions on how to overcome the limitations of evaluation and diagnostic equipment in-field.  A wearable technology device was made to monitor biometrics and observe sub-clinical changes that ported re-injury.


Equines and Humans share the same materials for orthosis and orthotics as well as diagnostic equipment.  Therefore the Mighty Doc Chiron (MDC) Research Project is designed to benefit both humans and animals.

Mighty Doc Chiron  
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