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The Ambulatory Telemetry Sleeve will be a comparative medicine product and is derived from lessons learned in the Mighty Doc Chiron Research Project. The predicate concept device was designed for in-field remote monitoring, injury management and rehabilitation monitoring of an Equine that was successfully recovered following recommendations of Euthanasia.  

The Central Oregon Research Coalition facilitated a collaboration between Ideal Equine and Dr. Shannon for comparative and transnational medicine research. Dr. Shannon’s role in this collaborative partnership is to provide expertise in support of academic research protocol and project  funding.  Dr. Shannon looks forward to the substantial opportunities to leverage her education and training to build a sustained relationship with a community researcher that will support the implementation and successful conduct of clinical and population research throughout Oregon. Dr. Shannon is a Professor in the School of Public Health and Director of the Integrated Program in Community Research, the Director of Community-Engaged Research at the Knight Cancer Institute Community and Lead of the Community-Engaged Research Core within Oregon Clinical and Transnational Research Institute at Oregon Health and Science University 

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