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Our Private Services


Extensive practice and research in human and veterinary physical medicine provides a comprehensive perspective in injury prevention, detection and monitoring. We are all about performance longevity and the reduction of the physiological stresses that lead to acute and catastrophic repetitive-use injuries.  Our service is to assist the open minded trainer, owner and veterinarian in developing a program to keep the athlete rested, sound and competition fit.


Our patented bandage can be used alone during rehabilitation and return to duty time periods.  Or as part of a multi-layer bandage system for wound or edema management. 


Non-Allergenic, breathable and re-usable, our wraps have the ability to follow-in as edema subsides to maintain therapeutic compression levels for a longer period of time than other products.  This also reduces the incidence of unintended injury related to bandage slippage.

Unlike other polo style wraps, we have been fully tested in clinical trials and designed specifically to support not only the joint and tissue structures of the distal limb, but to protect the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  Our bandage has been used  successfully for edema care in fracture management as well as in suspensory ligament and extensor tendon injuries.

Our bandage is competitively priced to boutique polo wraps that come with a name, but no clinical research to support the pricepoint. 


Our therapeutic sports medicine boots/wraps are lightweight, breathable and non-allergenic. Our patented textile conforms easily to unclean limbs and can be used over a wound contact layer in specific circumstances. Bespoke item priced to orthotic ordered.


Additional straps, stays and strike plating can be added to customize the product to the equines gait retraining or protection needs while on lay-up or in rehabilitation. 

The photo shows a boot made to order from a cast molding of an injured equine.  Along with our wraps, this product was used successfully in a multi-year case study.  Our boots are 50-85% lighter than traditional sports medicine boots.  We are specifically designed as medical device and are the only product available that has been researched in both bench science and translational studies to ensure living tissue safety.


Prefabricated orthoses or “off-the-shelf” items require minimal self adjustments and are usually easy to don and doff.  These types of orthoses are suited for the average veterinarian to prescribe, teach owners/handlers the proper application for home care management.

We can offer our unique fabrics for use in the construction of custom fabricated and custom fit orthosis and splint.

A custom fabricated orthosis that is created for one specific patient.  The orthosis  may be fabricated based on clinically derived and rectified castings, tracings, measurement and/or images such as x-rays of a given body part.  

A custom fit refers to orthosis which are prefabricated without a specific patient in mind.  It requires the expertise of a therapist to customize the orthosis to fit a specific patient.  

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